If you are new to BASE Wellness we just wanted to greet you, and make sure that you are aware of all the cool functions now right at your fingertips!


By simply answering the 10 core multiple choice questions you can focus on the fundamental attributes of a healthy balanced life.


Through journaling and tracking your Balance, Activity, Supplementation, and Energy, the healthy and balanced life you’re after is just around the corner. The BASE Wellness App is here to get you there!


We designed BASE because we realized just how important tools are to help us stay on track with our health goals. So many of us have well-intended health places which are often derailed because we are disengaged with the process. This is where BASE comes in. BASE helps you keep yourself on track!


Don’t forget that you can also add customized journal questions, they won’t count towards reward points, but they act as a great reminder to do the things that are personally important to you. Perhaps, ‘Did you do Yoga today?’ or ‘Did you phone your mother today?’


Using the free BASE Wellness App only takes moments and is a daily reminder of what’s important to your health. As a bonus, by engaging with the App, you earn reward points, which go towards discounts and even helpful and tasty stuff for free from our great sponsors!


Help us improve BASE!

We want to make sure you’re getting the best experience.


We are continually seeking to perfect the App here at BASE, and your feedback is very important to us!


This is just the beginning for us and we’ll be expanding and improving with your data and feedback in mind. So to contribute to making more people find balance in their life, please email us at info@basewellness.com


 If you’re an apple user, there is a new iOS7 update available now Nothing too drastic, just a little sharper!


Oh and we are also constantly working on getting new sponsors, so there is exciting stuff to come!


Good luck with your journaling!


From the BASE Team.