Let me introduce you to part four of our blog series #4. Buy Local Foods. Whether you live in a big city on remote town, there are often resources right at your fingertips to help you find and take advantage of locally grown produce.


4. Buy Local Foods


The further the item has travelled, say a peach fromMexico, the older it will be. Therefore, buying locally means your produce will not only save money on the distribution costs of food, but it will taste better too!




*Buying locally grown produce from the supermarket, it will support your local farmer which in turn helps the local economy. “Local” is open to interpretation so consider where you draw the line.


*Making use of local seasonal produce and source seasonal recipes – there are delicious products from every season!


*Freezing or preserving your abundance of locally-grown harvest gathered during summer to enjoy all year round. Making jams and preserves can be a fun exercise for the whole family!


*Visiting your local Farmers Market, it is always a great way to get your hands on local produce and you get to meet the farmers themselves too.