So how can using your phone make you healthier? There’s just no logical connection, or is there? That’s where apps come in and recently the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics took a look at the leading ones available on iTunes and Google Play. What did they find? Most apps got a failing grade for functionality and they found little evidence that the apps made a difference, except perhaps for tracking food compliance.

But what if there was an app free of gimmicks or add on accessories, that addresses total health? Dr. Bal Pawa, Director of the Westcoast Women’s Clinic says as physicians they are trying to focus on the whole, mind, spirit and body, for optimum health of their 6,000 plus patients.  But how to help patients make changes and maintain the changes they understand they need to make?

Its for that reason, Dr. Pawa became an instant fan of the BASE Wellness™  app. BASE is an acronym for Balance, Activity, Supplementation and Energy, and is a copyrighted to the lead sponsor, SierraSil Health Inc. What makes BASE different? The name offers a clue. BASE is not just about calories or tracking your footsteps. Other apps such as Calorie Counter by MyFitness Pal do the former very well. But for an app to be an effective tool, it needs to be simple, easy and fast to use, and offer incentives for engagement and compliance. And it also should lead users toward real quality of life gains. BASE scores well on each of these.  By simply answering the core 10 multiple choice questions (you can customize with additional questions), you focus on core attributes of a healthy balanced life.

Using the free BASE Wellness app only takes moments and is a daily reminder on what’s important to your health. As a bonus, by engaging with the app, you earn rewards for discounts or even helpful or tasty stuff for free! What’s more, you can invite a friend to join and see how each other is doing, adding more incentive to be a healthier new you. And as Dr. Pawa noted, you can easily send your results to your health advisor, for more effective counseling when you see her.

BASE Wellness – finally an app that looks at you as something more than calories, pounds or miles covered, and an app that earns free rewards as a way to thank yourself for becoming the healthier, happier person that you annually resolve to be! Yes, your cool phone and this app can be your health friend!