With the highly topical issue of obesity in North America and worldwide, message five of our blog series #5. Serve Just Enough, arms you with some tips on how to prevent overindulging and food wastage.


5. Serve Just Enough


It is too easy to overindulge, so serve modest portions that meet your calorie needs. This will mean less waste as well as a smaller waistline!




*Serving a meal no bigger than your clenched fist, this is a good guide to portion control.


*Serving your meal on a smaller plate. This trick works subconsciously, persuading you to serve less and ultimately eat less.


*Saving a portion of your dinner as a snack or lunch for the next day.


*Snacking on healthy items throughout the day, like nuts or veggies to keep hunger at bay, thus preventing over-serving and over-eating.


*Drinking water throughout the day to avoid mistaking dehydration for hunger (which inevitably leads to overeating!).